What does "NTHREEM" mean?

pronounced: N - THREE - M

N - Now or Next, what you do now affects what you do next

THREE (3) - The Three (3) core ideas, you want to do something to make money, stay in shape, & keep the creative idea #NTHREEM

M - Millenniums, which is defined as "a period of a thousand years, but it's almost like our direction". 


Do you ship internationally?


- Sorry, but only within the United States.


Where is my order?


- We ship all orders on Tuesday and Thursday. Depending on the day you place your order, it will be shipped out the following Monday or Thursday. We process and fulfill each order as it comes in. We ship all orders on Monday and Thursday due to volume and scheduling on our end. So, if you placed your order on Friday, it will be shipped on Monday.


Do you ship via FedEx or UPS?


- We ship all orders via USPS. 


How long does your Standard Shipping take?


-Our Standard Shipping is shipped via USPS Priority Mail. After your order is shipped [Monday or Thursday] it usually takes 2-4 business days for your package to arrive. 


Besides this online store, do you sell your products anywhere else?


- No, we do not. We currently print all orders on demand and ship them out from our warehouse.


What is NTHREEM?


- The Next Three Millenniums, LLC. is a Print & Fulfillment company. We exclusively provide our services to YNG CLASSIC, Champion Music & NTHREEM only. We print all products per demand. Meaning, we do not stock any finished products in our inventory. All products are printed to order!


 I don't want to pay for shipping, Can I just go to your warehouse to pick up my order?


- We do not stock any printed products in our inventory. We do not allow (call to pick up) or walk in shoppers.
***All orders MUST be submitted and paid for through NTHREEM.COM Only! (No Exceptions)